What are the Google Cloud Platform Services?

Google Cloud Platform is a popular cloud service like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. Through Google Cloud Platform (GCP), users can access Google’s cloud services from anywhere in the world.

Google Cloud Platform provides the services needed to do everything from data management to AI and machine learning tools. With 24 different locations, its global infrastructure meets the diverse needs of its customers. Google Cloud Platform is part of Google Cloud.

History of Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform was created in 2008 with the launch of “App Engine”, a cloud computing platform for developing and hosting web applications.

App Engine was first released as a preview for 10,000 developers. In the preview version, feedback was collected from developers. According to this feedback, a number of improvements were made to App Engine.

Google took App Engine out of preview mode and made it an official Google product.

What is Google Cloud Used for?

Companies now store and manage their data on cloud platforms. Working in the cloud has become a common feature of almost all technology companies. At this point, Google Cloud Platform, like multiple cloud service platforms on the market, is making a name for itself. So, what is Google Cloud Platform used for?

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud service for storing, processing and managing data. However, GCP goes beyond this and offers numerous services to its users. Google Cloud Platform supports the different requests of businesses with the services it offers. It offers many development tools to create applications and increase the efficiency of their companies.

What are Google Cloud Platform Services?

GCP offers more than 100 products. The main services of Google Cloud Platform are:

AI and Machine learning

Google Cloud Platform offers scalable, high-performance and cost-effective infrastructure for machine learning. Its cloud services are frequently preferred by users for executing complex machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.

Vertex AI has developed products such as Auto ML, Cloud Natural Language, Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Video AL and Deep Learning Containers.

Data Processing

GCP offers Cloud GPUs for machine learning and 3D visualization, and Shielded VMs to help protect data against remote attacks and malicious actors.

API management

Google Cloud Platform offers Apigee API Management service for API management and Cloud Healthcare API service for bridging existing applications and systems.


Google Cloud Platform offers Conteiner Registry for managing and storing Docker data and Knative for developing Kubernetes-specific software.

Databases and Data Analytics

Google Cloud Platform hosts a large number of ready-to-use databases of various types. It offers BigQuery for business agility, Looker for BI and data applications, and Data Catalog, a metadata solution for discovering data.


Secure storage of stored data is one of the most important issues for users. Many users choose Google Cloud Platform because it is a reliable cloud platform.

Internet of Things (loT)

GCP has developed the Edge TPU and loT Core applications for loT operations.

Management tools

To facilitate the tracking of cloud, API and application management tasks, GCP offers a number of services. These services facilitate the management of projects. Cloud Shell, Cloud APIs, Google Cloud, Carbon Footprint, Intelligent Management and Cost Management are some of these services.

Why GCP? – Advantages of Google Cloud Platform

The world’s leading companies use Google Cloud Platform to help their employees collaborate from anywhere. But why? There are many benefits that GCP provides. These benefits include:

Documentation: Google Cloud Platform has a wealth of documentation and documentation on how the platform works. Users can review hands-on documents describing the implementation of the service for free.
Pricing: Pricing makes Google Cloud Platform stand out among other cloud platforms. GCP’s pricing is comparatively cheaper than other platforms.
Speed: Google Cloud Platform offers network speeds of up to 10 TB. Delayed network speeds are usually non-existent. It provides customer satisfaction by processing data in a short time.
Ease of use: GCP is designed to allow applications to be organized quickly and easily.
Flexibility: Google Cloud Platform allows employees from anywhere in the world to access information in the application.
Private Network: Google Cloud Platform creates its own network for each customer. This gives the customer more control over the network.
Security: Google Cloud Platform has numerous security measures in place to help protect the data on the servers. It also employs experienced cyber security experts. All data on the cloud platform is encrypted, ensuring the security of the user’s data.
Backup: If the data stored by the user is lost, Google Cloud uses the data stored in the backup. So the data is not lost.

Disadvantages of Google Cloud Platform

One of the disadvantages of GCP is that it offers fewer services than AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Businesses Preferring GCP

Google Cloud Platform is one of the world’s most popular and trusted cloud providers with millions of customers. Nintendo, eBay, UPS, The Home Depot, Etsy, PayPal, 20th Century Fox and Twitter are among the tech giants using Google Cloud Platform.

  • Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the US,
  • Equifax, which provides banking and insurance services,
  • Schrödinger, a biotechnology company providing healthcare solutions,
  • Telecommunications service provider Vodafone prefers Google Cloud Platform.

How to Learn GCP? – Google Cloud certificates

There are various videos and online GCP courses to learn Google Cloud Platform. With this knowledge and skills, you can also get Google Cloud Platform certifications.

Google Cloud Certifications are one of the strongest certifications on the market, just like AWS and Azure certifications. Getting a Google Cloud certification will make a difference in your cloud career.

Depending on your interest and skill level, these Google Cloud certifications are taken to validate expertise and demonstrate skills. For cloud engineers, data engineers, DevOps engineers and machine learning engineers, having these certifications will be a big plus for their careers.

Google Cloud Platform vs Other Cloud Platforms

Google Cloud Platform competes with AWS and Microsoft Azure. AWS is the leader in cloud services, followed by Microsoft Azure. You can read the following articles to compare and learn about other cloud platforms.



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